18-Week Story to Success Book Program™

You have said it is NOW time to write my book. There are two stages to this program that have proven tried and true for my clients and my twenty years working as a writer and a coach.


The regurgitation of the highest message of your story. I wish I could make it sound prettier but it is emotional, and illuminating, fun and challenging. I hold your hand the whole way through and offer my expertise.

For 12 weeks together we:

*Set your writing schedule, learn habits, blocks and past writing experiences.

I also welcome writing samples so I can get to know your writing voice and style (not required).

* Kick off the program with a (5) hour VIP Story day.

We develop book theme, title and log line. This anchors the subject matter throughout the outlining process.

Book Outline. We will map out the twelve chapters of your book as well as the “meat in the middle” of each chapter. I have a very intuitive sense of your storytelling by this time, and can pull out ideas. This is the coaching collaborative part of the process that is so valuable to writers.

*Coaching and Editing of all 12 chapters for 12 weeks.

You send me your chapter 48 hours before your coaching call. I read them and offer insights that range from story structure and voice, to writing hiccups that may be occurring simply because you have not had training in that area. That is okay. Everyone has some grammatical go to that we easily clean up and make you quickly a better writer!

While the coaching is one hour every week, I check in with my clients by text and email around the time I know they are writing, or if they have expressed that they are having a hard time and may need some extra support. I am always thinking of my writers out there in the world writing and want them to know they are by no means alone. They need support in between the coaching time.

I put the finished chapters that are approved each week into a book time line with any second draft notes so when the 12 weeks are over, my writers have a completed first draft ready for Stage 2!


This is where the rubber meets the road. We now see what we have before us and there is a 6 week period of going back through the whole book two chapters at a time. I first do a full pass of re-structuring and editing and present what I feel can be the best book to present to publishers (see Book Proposal add on) or self-publishing.

Then we coach for 6 weeks. When you are complete, you have an amazing finished draft of a book ready for a red-line editor. I can provide referrals for this service, as well as talk with you about the final stage.

So what does this cost? $7500.00 . If that number hits you between the eyes, ask yourself what it is worth for you to finally write my book and have support the whole way, as well as open yourself up to a community of like minded authors who said YES.

Publishing. Ahhhh. Sounds scary, right? Not at all. You now have a book! WOW! The worst part is over! And surprisingly you had an amazing time, and have a deeper understanding of self and your purpose in the world.


Book agents and Publishers will NOT read finished manuscripts. I don’t care if they are friends with your mother or partner. They just don’t have time and they need something to go to the mat for an advance. A Book Proposal is a 40-60 page document that breaks down the book, who you are, why this book is necessary. This is a vital step for those who choose to go for a bigger publisher. I think everyone should do a book proposal period, because it is a way to really align to your book and offer bigger opportunities.
Here is the best part – I write it for you!

If you choose to do the book proposal with the package, the add on is $2400.

If you are reading this and only want a Book Proposal and not the Book Program (you want an advance before you write your book), we can discuss the stand alone price, but be aware it starts at $5,000.

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