12-Week Story to Success™

This program is a combination of coaching and also editing. In the 90 days, the program consists of:

*Preliminary questionnaire where I learn more about your schedule, habits, blocks and past writing experiences.

I also welcome writing samples so I can get to know your writing voice and style (not required).

* A (5) hour kick off VIP day with four modules.

1. Discussion of best writing times, schedule and coaching time. We create a full 12 week accountability schedule.
2. Book theme, title and log line. This anchors the subject matter throughout the outlining process.
3. & 4. Book Outline. We will map out the twelve chapters of your book as well as the “meat in the middle” of each chapter. I have a very intuitive sense of your storytelling by this time, and can pull out ideas. This is the coaching collaborative part of the process that is so valuable to writers.

*Coaching and Editing of all 12 chapters for 12 weeks.

You send me your chapter 48 hours before your coaching call. I read it and red line my edits. Let me be clear here – for the cost of your book package, I do edits that many other book coaching programs do not offer initially.  I am not just a coach.  I proof read (grammatical errors), perform copy edits (placement, pace, tone) and content edit (making note where clarifications or examples could be needed, or further depth or insights into the material.)  It is advisable to have a final proof read done on your finished product, but that is far less costly than a full edit.  My clients are incredibly happy and relieved their work is being edited so they can move on to the next chapter.

While the coaching is one hour every week, I check in with my clients by text and email around the time I know they are writing, or if they have expressed that they are having a hard time and may need some extra support. I am always thinking of my writers out there in the world writing and want them to know they are by no means alone. They need support in between the coaching time.

I put the finished chapters that are approved each week into a book time line with any second draft notes so when the 90 days are over, my writers have a completed book ready to go out to find a publisher!

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