Kim O'Hara


Rachel BrooksI had a story inside but didn’t know how to begin. I let fear, limiting beliefs and being overwhelmed hold me back until I met Kim. Kim helped create a structure I needed and I began to see my story with clarity. Immediately, the overwhelming feeling subsided as I watched my story unfold and with each written word, I became freer.

Throughout our time working together, Kim has shown patience, compassion, encouragement, and faith in me which I began to mirror myself. Her coaching and positive feedback helped me grow as a writer, and I gained a newfound confidence in my abilities to write and create, and I became more comfortable with sharing my story.

Over the course of our time working together to write my memoir, I watched my writing, confidence, and self grow. I gained confidence and became more comfortable with sharing my story. Not only does Kim hold a special place as a coach but also in my memoir. Thank you, Kim, for making what I thought was impossible, possible!
Rachel Brooks, Natural Bikini Bodybuilder, Fitness & Lifestyle Coach, Author.

Kim is simply brilliant with an innate gift to draw out the very best in each of us. It is a true Master who knows how to support the student with encouragement but yet empowers them to rely on their own voice for validation. This is why Kim is a great writing coach.
RaShawn Renee, Author and Founder of Real Truth International, LLC

Her skills, mindset, knowledge and guidance coupled with vulnerability, truthfulness and intimate communication as an author makes her excellence personified. Her coaching ushered me into the life of my dreams. Her book pierced my heart. Kim O’Hara is a master as a coach and an author.
Heide Banks, Author and Relationships Guide

Denise Roma Healthy Weight Living Well in the 95%I had given up almost completely on writing my book when I was introduced to Kim. I dug out an outline of my book and sent it to her, expecting a little nudge back to writing, which I dreaded. What I received surpassed my wildest expectations. With Kim, I got a supporter, a coach who drove me hard in the right way, and superb insights into how to tell my story. She got me excited about writing again every day. If you have not hired Kim to coach you through the process of getting your book written in a way that honors your vision, then you are missing out on a great opportunity. Without Kim, my book would not exist.
Denise Roma, Fitness/Nutrition Coach, Evanston, IL.

I knew I wanted to tell the story about my own life transitions while building my non-profit Gals Starting Over but was not aware it was in a book… until I met Kim. When she found out about where I came from and who I am, she started to talk to me about the benefits of putting these experiences down on the page. Once we jumped into the book coaching process, the writing became an incredible reflective tool of transformation for me. I was able to see my life in a different view, and offer those insights to women who would go through my non-profit’s programs. Kim was insightful and thorough with coaching me as a newbie writer through my life’s trials and tribulations. I would highly recommend her if you have a story to tell.
Holly Richards, Founder, Gals Starting Over

Kim is an extraordinary book coach. Her encouragement and support were invaluable in helping me finish a first draft of my story. And it was so much fun, too! I looked forward to each session. Writing can be such a solitary endeavor and having accountability and Kim’s experienced eyes reviewing my work with me in our very collaborative meetings was a true gift. Highly recommend Kim to writers of all levels who are seeking to start or complete their books.
Dorothy Segar, Author, Meenogahane: Echoes in the Meadow (an Irish-American Memoir)

I LOVE LOVE working with Kim O’Hara as my book coach. She gives me the courage to tell my story and put the words out there on the page week after week, definitely pushing me when I don’t want to write at all. I feel so good after our coaching calls… with a vision and a purpose. I can’t believe twelve weeks have flown by and I have a first draft of a book!
Deanna Pino, Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Advocate

I hired Kim to help me write my book. While I had a lot of material I’d written, it wasn’t in a clear format. Our first session helped give structure to the book with a clear outline and a notes of what to include in each chapter. Her comments and suggestions during our time together were invaluable. She honored my writer’s voice and as a result, it grew stronger and more powerful. I now have a first edited draft, which I wouldn’t have had I not hired Kim. She’s provided resources for publishing and I am moving forward on my revisions. I highly recommend Kim.
– Gale West, Supporting conscious entrepreneurs to make a bigger
impact in the world while creating a wealthy life

I am very lucky to work with Kim. I was looking for a book coach since March and I got her contact in August, 2016. She helped me to write a book in two months. I still can’t believe that! I have really enjoyed all sessions with her on Skype especially when I got my first Chapter. I love her discipline, work and her brilliant ideas! Kim even helped me to create the title. I could not dream of a better mentor!
Vilia Zilinskiene, Basketball Coach, Consultant, Author

Kim O’Hara was able to take my book that I had been working on for a year and a half and made it sparkle the way I intended it to. I am not a writer but so wanted my book to reach the hearts of its readers and Kim succeeded in that. Now my book flows from point to point without my random thought interruptions. Thank you Kim for slimming the fat, creating clarity and ensuring that my message was interwoven throughout my personal stories!
Angela Magiar, Personal Freedom Coach

I attended Kim O’Hara’s story workshop because I needed to get a better idea of what kind of “About Me” stories to tell for my business and website. I chose Kim over several other book/writing/story coaches, because her approach felt the most organic, authentic, and (most importantly) focused on creating a compelling STORY that people will want to read to the end. The workshop brought me together with a group of very talented, kind, and helpful women who were able to provide instant feedback on my writing – this was an invaluable way to quickly get a sense of what points were “landing” for a variety of different people. The writing prompts were thought-provoking and just as relevant to me as a business owner as they were to a woman working on her memoirs. I definitely left with a clear idea of a story that will pique a reader’s interest – and an idea about how to actually WRITE that story myself!
Rachel Klewicki, Image Consultant & Personal Stylist,

Kim O’Hara is as good as it gets in flushing out a concept and breaking it down in easy pieces. She is a joy and fun to work with. The combination of her creative talents and the ability to help drive the process to completion is a gift worth investing in.
Charlene Gorzela, CEO, MackElite, Filmmaker

Kim has been an ally on my healing journey. I turned to writing to heal from a chronic illness and thanks to Kim I have found a new passion and renewed joy. With her sense of humour and surprising exercises, words and stories are flying by. She seems to have magically uncovered the imagination trapped inside which I will be using as a tool to heal. It doesn’t matter how awful I am feeling, the moment Kim calls, I can’t help but smile.
Sandra Elias, Heal Your Body coaching client