Kim O’Hara


Kim O'Hara


Growing up I was the little girl tucked away in the window seat reading all thirty books on the summer reading list. From a young age I was hiding in stories, other people’s stories, to avoid the pain of my own story. What better profession for me to go into than the movie business! By the age of twenty-five, I was running movie sets, often the only woman in charge, on million dollar budgets with name actors such as Anthony LaPaglia, Eric Stoltz and a few actors who later shot to stardom such as Liev Shreiber, Tom Sadoski and Leslie Bibb. As I continued to make movies, I grew more focused on the goal of cash and prizes. I wanted the Oscar, the millions and the big Hollywood studio deal. The more I chased, the farther away I went from my true soul’s calling, and closed off my heart.

A move to the suburbs, two children and one divorce later, I found myself battling addictions and self worth. My Hollywood movie burst with the housing bubble. I thought I would never work in story or as a writer again.

It took a battle with the rare autoimmune disease Achalasia (loss of use of the esophagus) for a year to help me reclaim my voice… or should I say, boldly claim it for the first time.

Denying my own story ultimately brought me to my knees – one that involved sexual abuse and the repression of memories with alcohol and drug addiction. Today I am so grateful for all my life experiences, including the two decades in the movie business because I can help clients set scenes and tell stories in their books.

Every part of my story has shaped me to be the woman able to hold safe space for other women to get vulnerable and step forward to tell their truths. To ease the burden of getting it done.

To feel good, classy and complete.

Heal with words… my new book coming soon
Kicking Abuse in the Ass: A Brutally Honest Memoir.

Kicking Abuse in the Ass