Helping Women Powerfully Tell Their Stories.

Can you imagine right now having a strong authentic voice and writing in it without fear? Just burning through the chapters and the pages with complete clarity, finally getting writing that book off your bucket list and achieving the status of author?

Doesn’t that feel fantastic????

How does it feel when you don’t? The excuses are stacked against you and suffocating your willingness and creative talents. No time, energy, money…

I get it.  Been there. Done that.

When I was diagnosed with Achalasia (your esophagus breaks), I was in victim mode. I had been choking undiagnosed for nine months, and then I needed surgery. Great. It was life or death because I was down to 110 pounds. Six months later, I see it as my biggest blessing. I was shown by the Universe what it feels like to lose your voice, and then be given it back.

I will never take my voice for granted again.

I decided to use it to empower other writers to make choices that use their truest voice. What was a curse, became one of my biggest blessings. My new story.

People come to me and say “But I don’t know what to put in my book. I mean, it’s all up here (point to brain), but how do I get it on paper?” If you knew the answers to that, I wouldn’t have a job. You have your expertise. I have mine. I help you write.

Through my Story to Success™ system, I help YOU write the books that position YOU as an expert in your field.  In 90 days, I hold you accountable, creative and productive to complete your best-selling book.

Yes, in 90 days.  That’s a chapter a week for 12 weeks.  200 pages.

Sure. For some, there is a lot of fear around the vulnerability of the unknown, of judgement, of exposure to an unknown craft… of failure. When you read my bio, there was so much debilitating fear that held me back for so long.  I finally overcame it.  I was held gently by other entrepreneurs who found their powerful essence before me.  I will hold you gently in the brilliance of your knowledge and voice, and steer you away from the dark hole of the inner critic.   I’m onto the critics.  They don’t stand a chance.

Once you commit, I guide you through the rest.  I love the word “commit”.  It is really the root of everything we can do as women.  All the rest, the illumination, the willingness, the journey…  it falls into place when we say one word.

A book is one of the best selling tools for an entrepreneur, especially someone who wants to speak more to global audiences. It positions YOU as not only the expert, but can up-level your business to a higher caliber of client.

The book introduces your new programs, products and trainings to a whole new level of clientele that want to pay high prices for your valuable talents.

You are invited to speak before larger audiences in bigger cities and are asked on national radio and television shows.

Now an Author, you are part of a whole new community of other authors and you find yourself eager to write your next book.

You inspire others with the expanded vision of your legacy, positioning you as a commanding leader in your field.

Satisfied with your life experience, you are asked to mentor others and you give back what you have learned on your journey.

Sounds good?  It sure does.  But you may still lament…

I am not a writer!  How am I supposed to do this book thing?

That is why you have found me.  Why you are seeking solutions.  I have them. I have heard the voices that tell me I am not good enough as a writer.  Instead I sold screenplays.  I pushed through the voices when I was told I couldn’t be a writing coach.  I now coach women to write.

Nothing needs to be big and overwhelming.

It can be creative… and it can be business.

I also offer a One Day Intensive to work with entrepreneurs on their business story. Many times, creative people have written multiple books, have a product line, book speaking engagements, and then want to change their company message and are in overwhelm.  I step in and in five hours we have dug deep to find new mindsets that help them re-frame their approach to their business future.

If you click on my name above, you can read more about my story, and the path I took to rewrite it so that I could help clients enter into a new vibrant life beyond their imagination. My journey was far from pretty. Or easy. But I wouldn’t change a page of it.

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